Keeping it Personal


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Inspiring and practical!

Teri is a breath of fresh air. She brings relatable energy and encouragement with practical, helpful tips! Highly recommend for anyone looking to authentically grow their business.

Laser in On Your Target

Teri hit this message spot on! I often forget that I’m not talking to everyone but to a specific group of women. She gave great tips on how to narrow down your avatar and speak only to her! Love this show!

Can’t get enough!

Teri is one of my very best friends and I truly can’t imagine where I would be in my life or biz without her! She has been a mentor, listening ear, coach, counselor… the list goes on and on! This podcast gives you a glimpse into her amazing experiences/advice/insights on personal and professional topics. I promise you will feel like you should be paying her as you soak up all of her knowledge! 🧡


Love this new podcast! Perfect bite size training sessions that give me something specific to think about at the end that to improve my business.

Appreciate you

Terri has deep listening. She’s gifted in seeing what the next steps are to get the cash register to ring.

She knows her stuff

Teri is a wealth of knowledge and has such a gift. What she teaches works. Excited for more episodes!!